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Thank you to the University of Vermont Russian House for holding a fundraiser benefitting Bright Connections! If you would like to hold a fundraiser to brighten orphan's lives please contact us.

Bright Connections is a 501(c)(3) public charity that was formed to show Russian orphans a brighter side of life. Bright Connections is a volunteer run organization. Our volunteers are from all over the world and enjoy bettering the lives of orphans and expanding their cultural knowledge.  Bright Connections believes that it is easier for these orphans to see the bright side when their stomachs are full; they have a warm new jacket, or when they finally have their very own pen to write with.  

Bright Connections knows that the little things in life can make a huge difference.  Beyond improving the lives of the children in orphanages, it is important to us to guide them towards a bright future.  Our mentor program helps them make important decisions about their future.  The success rate of orphans once they leave their orphanages is staggering; statistically 40 percent end up in prison and 30 percent become alcoholics.

platform for Russians and Americans for orphans in Russia

Bright Connections goal is to begin reversing this dreadful cycle.  In addition to our work directly with the orphanages, Bright Connections provides a platform for young Americans and Russians to connect and communicate so that they can learn more about the others culture and understand just how small this world really is.   

Connections is in its beginning stages and excited to have you be a part of our growth.  We are a community organization and look forward to hearing your suggestions, comments or questions!

A bedroom shared by 10 orphans


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Bright Connections Team