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Mission Statement

Bright Connections improves the quality of life and the success rate of Russian orphans while working to expand cultural knowledge of Russia and Eastern Europe in the United States.

What We Do

Bright Connections has three main programs:

Direct aid to the Orphanages
We work with the orphanage directors and staff to understand and prioritize what the orphanages need. We then give aid to the orphanages in the form of needed supplies and direct donations allocated for the specific uses discussed with staff.

E-pal program
Schools, classes, or individual children (with the consent of their parents) can sign up to be an E-pal with a child at one of the orphanages we work with in Russia.  Children can learn more about a different culture and become friends with someone on the other side of the world!  In most cases letters are translated, but we will leave the letters in Russian if Russian language students would like to practice and sharpen their skills.

Email for further information on the E-pal program.

Mentor program (in development)
Bright Connections is working with staff at the orphanages to develop a program for orphans who are approaching the age when they will leave the orphanage and need direction about whether to go on to higher education or which career or life path would be best for them. This program will also work to keep young adults in contact with the orphanage that they grew up in, which will in turn benefit the next generation of children living at the orphanage.