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Bright Connections is currently helping 3 orphanages in the Kirov Region of Russia. Each of the three has similar needs, but unique issues. Read more to see who you can be helping.

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One of the greatest parts about working with Bright Connections has been talking with the orphanage principals and staff. Many of those who work at the orphanage see it as more than a job and it has really become a part of who they are. They go above and beyond what they are required to do and we have heard stories such as staff baking cakes at home for a child on their birthday so that they can have an extra special day that year. In many cases these staff are working with minimal resources to make sure the children are fed, clothed, and able to do attend school. The orphans see these staff as their family.

Bright Connections is able to help the staff at these orphanages by supplying the most needed supplies for them. We have learned the ins and outs of orphanages, what supplies they are most desperate for, and how best to help them through many conversations with staff at the orphanages.

If you have questions about the orphanages or their circumstances please Email us.

Orphanage #1 (Belaya Kholuntisa)

The orphanage’s Director does an amazing job holding this orphanage together especially considering there are 3 completely blind kids and 36 invalids living among the 105 children here. Her eyes lit up when she saw the 60 scarves and hats that we brought on our visit there. The orphanage recently got new sheets and bedding with special money that was granted by the government, but would really like to replace the crumbling doors and even get furniture and some other items for the “playroom” that now sits empty.

Orphanage #2 (Orchievsky)

This is the fastest growing orphanage. This orphanage had 10 new kids in a matter of three weeks. It now has a total of 101 and continues to grow as we speak! The children would really like to have some notebooks and pens and pencils so that they can draw and not worry about conserving their paper strictly for school. The building is in dire need of repairs, and they would really benefit from having even a few computers for the children to use so that they can become more familiar with how they work and not fall too behind the students that have the advantage of computer access.

Orphanage #3 (Sanchursky)

This orphanage is far far away from any big city or even any small town. You can really feel this isolation as soon as you arrive in the village and realize that the orphanage is really one of the few buildings in the town center. This orphanage has the least amount of kids (47), and is just surviving day to day. The kids make do with what they have, but have minimal warm blankets, no computer access, and although they have very few clothes the kids would much prefer some sports equipment that would allow them to do something fun for a change over warm clothes. The staff has little time to give the children the attention that they really need.