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Danielle Hurley
Co-founder and Director

I love Eastern Europe…the history, the people, the cities etc., etc. I have traveled over much of Eastern Europe and even had the opportunity to study abroad at Corvinus University in Budapest.

I live in Sacramento and work for the State of California and after receiving my masters in East European Studies from Freie University in Berlin I wanted to put it to use!
Bright Connections began with our desire to create a platform where people from Eastern Europe and the US can work together to improve the lives of orphans in Russia.

My favorite thing about working with
Bright Connections is talking with all the great people who want to help these kids and seeing the huge appreciation that the orphanage staff and kids have for all of us!



Vasia Hurley
Co-founder and Communications Liaison

I grew up in Russia and lived in an orphanage in the Kaluga region for 6 years before being adopted by Americans.

Bright Connections has been an opportunity for me to be able to go back and help orphans in Russia and I have enjoyed getting to meet the kids at the orphanages and work closely with the Russian volunteers.

I love to travel and try the local sports – here is a picture of me dog sledding!


Opher Segev
Board Member and a Webmaster

I'm a virtual Pro Bono webmaster who believes in contributing to society by helping those who help others.

I enjoy designing websites for NPO's, mostly the creative side of the process, and I can do it virtually from anywhere as I'm a nomad.

I received a BS in Computer Engineering, worked in the high tech industry for 21 years and retired.

I enjoy living in different parts of the world, traveling, flying, soccer, movies and riding my bicycle.



Yuliya Mansanyan
Director of Accounting and Board Member

Hi! My name is Yuliya Manasyan. I am of Russian decent, so I have always been interested in anything related to Russia!

As soon as I heard about Bright Connections, I knew I had to be involved. Though this organization is new, it's already made a difference in numerous children's lives, and that is something that I definitely wanted to be a part of! I love working with the honest and selfless individuals who started the nonprofit (Danielle and Vasia) and I can't wait to see how it expands over time.

I am currently a senior at CSU Sacramento pursuing a bachelor’s degree. While taking my first accounting course, I developed an interest in it and that is what I do for the organization. I like getting the experience while working for something I am passionate about.

My other hobbies include psychology, animals, and reading!